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At AVA, the architects and designers bring to life the dreams and visions of every client who walks through its doors. Their success lies in their ability to bring character to the final design, while also reflecting the personality of the individual or the institution for whom it is created.

The firm applies a comprehensive approach to any project and takes clients through the process of design conceptualization, design development, detailed drawings, engineering services coordination and an active involvement throughout the execution phase.

The firm’s architectural services include, but are not limited to:

– Private residences
– Group and multi storied Housing
– Commercial buildings
– Retail architecture
– Residential and day schools
– Hotels and hospitality
– Industrial architecture
interior design

Interior design reflects an individual’s taste and personality, or the values that an institution stands for.

At AVA, the designers go above and beyond, focusing on every aspect for specific design solutions that cater to the client’s functional and aesthetic needs. Right from careful planning of spaces, to the colours, furnishing, materials and lighting, our team of designers strive to attain aesthetically pleasing and timeless interiors that reflect our clients’ stories, styles and identities.

At AVA, there is an elaborate process that our designers follow. From meticulously detailing the various spaces, through design and execution, they work to bring out their best, delivering complete satisfaction to the client.

The firm’s interior design services cover but are not restricted to:

– Bespoke Villas and Residences
– Offices
– Retail
– Educational architecture
– Hospitality
engineering services

The process of design, both architecture and interiors, is always incomplete without the support system of engineering services. What goes on behind the scenes forms the backbone of any project.

At AVA, this aspect is taken very seriously. From conception to construction, engineering solutions are offered to guide the client through the entirety of the process. 

With interaction and involvement of these professionals from the onset of every project, we’re able to deliver efficient, optimal and accessible solutions to each of our clients.

curation and styling

The firm also offers specialized services in the curation of existing spaces. This ranges from selecting and sourcing bespoke furniture, antiques, art, accessories, curios, furnishings and the like, to full-scale interior design services.

The exclusive display centre “VA GALLERY”, showcases our principals’ collectibles from their travels. Featuring exhibits personally handpicked, this is AVA’s attempt to showcase and promote local talent of artists and craftsmen. This gallery serves to patronize such craftsmen, ultimately giving them a platform to fulfill their potential.
The Gallery can be reached at the following Instagram link: varunaarvindgallery.

Under the brand name “FURNHEAD,” our furniture division follows a Mantra of simplicity and affordability. Our range of products includes tables, seating solutions, beds, desks, storage, racks and just about any other piece of furniture you could imagine. 

Our furniture is perfect for
– Residences
– Offices
– Retail Spaces
– Hospitality