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kanathur beach house
This home is designed for an elderly couple whose requirement was a small three-bedroom house which is easy to maintain.
The design has influences from the traditional homes of South India with its central open courtyard and the living spaces all around it. The extensive use of wood, traditional design of the columns, the interior styling and colour palette all add to its character.
The two bedrooms are on the ground floor, while one is on the first level. The open kitchen with a visual connect to the entire level was one of their requirements.
Being semi-retired, they wanted to spend a lot of their time in the garden. The deep recessed east-facing verandah receives sea breeze in the mornings and is a welcome break from the conditioned interiors. Over the years this has become the focal space that all family members gravitate to.
location / chennai
area / 6 Grounds
built-up area / 4,200 sq.ft
project completed / aug 2007